What is the Problem With the SSL Protocol Error?

An SSL Protocol Error message is caused when an SSL connection is broken. SSL protocol defines a set of rules to ensure data integrity that travels between two parties.

Internet security is critical, so if SSL is compromised, it can severely affect internet users. One of the common problems that occur with SSL is the SSL Protocol Error. The SSL Protocol Error is an indication of the problem that the SSL connection is experiencing.

One of the most common causes of SSL Protocol Error is the unauthorized use of the security certificate. Sometimes the certificate may become invalid, but the network does not trust other times the certificate used.

If the error message says “err_ssl_protocol_error,” then you need to check the server certificate that you use. You can check it using the ‘Certificate’ command, or you can look it up in the SSL Certificate Database.

How to fix “err_ssl_protocol_error” ?

Usually, we can fix these kinds of error messages within a few seconds, but they indicate a problem. However, if the SSL protocol error persists or is recurring, then it is time to consider troubleshooting your internet connection.

You can try to fix the SSL protocol error by checking your security settings and trying different SSL servers. Moreover, Various web servers provide SSL security. However, experts highly recommend that you try to use the most popular servers first.

You may also try to change the SSL security options on your Computer. This should help to resolve the SSL Protocol Error, but you may still get the same error.

In such cases, you may also need to download and run a “certificate checker.” A certificate checker will tell you whether the webserver correctly with an issued certificate.

Sometimes there is a reason why your security problems may occur because of Computer is infected with viruses. In such cases, the best advice is to remove the infection from your system. If this does not work, you can contact the Internet provider and ask them for help.

Another reason why you may receive an error message like “SSL Protocol Error” is because your computer has been infected with spyware or adware. Spyware and adware are programs that send out a series of information, either through emails, pop-up windows, or messages to a particular computer.

What to do, When SpyWare or Adware attacks your Computer?

Adware and spyware can damage your computer system by altering your privacy settings. Moreover, they will also collect and store personal information about the user, such as passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and other financial transactions.

However, when your computer is under attack and gets spyware or adware, the software will monitor your browsing activities. Therefore, they will record the websites that you have visited and your email addresses.

Some anti-spyware and adware programs are capable of identifying the specific program that has installed spyware or adware. They can also delete the spyware or adware manually or automatically.

It would be best to consider buying a piece of anti-adware software to help stop adware from corrupting your Computer. There are different open source anti-spyware and anti-adware software are available online for download.

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