Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD


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Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD, located at coordinates 53.555884, -113.5417462, offers a premium blend of house and commercial cleaning services. As a service establishment, they are a prominent figure in the cleaning industry.

Their website,, serves as a gateway to their world of immaculate cleanliness. It showcases their dedication to providing top-tier cleaning services.

They specialize in a variety of cleaning services. Ranging from basic house cleaning to intricate commercial spaces, Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD has you covered. Their wide range of services demonstrates their commitment to meeting diverse cleaning needs.

Their team of professional cleaners is just a call away at +1 780-690-5480. They are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to transform any space into a clean, refreshing environment.

Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD is not just another cleaning company. It's a symbol of cleanliness and hygiene in a world that demands nothing less. Each service offered is a testament to their dedication and passion for cleanliness.

In summary, Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD is a beacon of cleanliness. Whether it's a house or a commercial establishment, they ensure every inch gleams with perfection. Experience the difference with Aleksandra Cleaning Services LTD, where cleanliness meets professionalism.


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