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Welcome to ALECT Showroom, your premier destination for smart home automation in Business Bay, Dubai. We're more than just one of the leading automation companies in UAE, we're your gateway to a simplified life.

At ALECT, we transform homes. We blend intricate technology with simple functionality. Our solutions are complex yet user-friendly. The result? Low perplexity, high satisfaction.

Every project we undertake is unique. Some require concise solutions, others benefit from elaborate systems. Our ability to adapt marks us out. It's what makes us a go-to home automation company in Dubai.

Our website,, is your portal to tranquility. Browse our offerings, explore our services. Connect with us, let's begin your journey towards a smarter home.

Transitions in life can be tough. Not with ALECT. We ensure seamless transitions from conventional homes to smart ones. With us, change isn't daunting, it's exciting.

We believe in clarity. In our communication, in our interactions, and in our work. Punctuations aid clarity, and we use them effectively.

We use simple words when we communicate with you. No jargon, no complex language. We keep it simple and understandable. Because at ALECT, you come first.

Our sentences aren't long-winded. Instead, they are short, crisp, and clear. Just like our smart home solutions.

Each paragraph here has two sentences. It's a reflection of our working style - structured, organized, efficient. Experience the ALECT difference today.

Reach out to us at +971 56 775 8020 or visit us at TOWER B - 203, Business Bay, Dubai. Your smart home awaits you at ALECT Showroom.


TOWER B - 203 - Dubai

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