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Company Description for Al Khaleej Equipment & Industrial Suppliers LLC

Al Khaleej Equipment & Industrial Suppliers LLC (AKEIS) is a leading steel distributor in the UAE. With a prime location in Abu Dhabi Industrial City, AKEIS has been serving the region since 1985.

The company specializes in a diverse range of steel products. These include MS Pipe (A, B, C classes), ERW Std, Sch. 20,40, and various types of beams, tubes, channels, plates, angles, and flat bars. Their product variety showcases an intricate blend of both basic and advanced steel materials, catering to various construction and industrial needs.

Given its longevity and wide-ranging product offerings, AKEIS is among the top companies in the UAE. The firm demonstrates a unique blend of quality, diversity, and service, setting it apart in the competitive steel distribution market.

AKEIS's operational hours are Saturday through Thursday, from 8AM - 1PM and 3PM - 7PM. They are conveniently located at Plot 25 WR-43, ICAD-3, Abu Dhabi. For inquiries, they can be reached at +971 2 555 9658 or

For more information about their products and services, visit their website at As a trusted steel distributor in Abu Dhabi and beyond, Al Khaleej Equipment & Industrial Suppliers LLC is committed to providing quality products and exceptional service.

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Plot 25 WR-43, ICAD 3 - Abu Dhabi

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