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Al KHADIM LLC, a leading Chartered Accountant firm, is nestled in the heart of Sharjah Media City. Renowned for its world-class services, it stands as a beacon among audit firms in UAE.

The company boasts a rich history. With a proven track record of 30 years, it has carved a niche in manpower placement and outsourcing. Their expertise spans across IT and non-IT sectors, making them a versatile player in the industry.

Al KHADIM LLC is not just an employment agency. It's a powerhouse of software development and IT hardware solutions. Their proficiency ensures seamless integration of technology into their services.

Their dedication to quality is reflected in their personalized accounting services. The team of cost accountants at Al KHADIM LLC ensures meticulous attention to every financial detail. They excel in computerized accounting, setting new standards in the realm of finance.

The company also specializes in VAT services. As trusted VAT advisors, they navigate through the complexities of taxation with ease. Their proficiency in auditing further cements their reputation among clients.

Al KHADIM LLC extends its services beyond the traditional realms of accountancy. They are also a hub for Dokha, Medwakh, and accessories in Ajman. This diversification showcases their ability to adapt and cater to a wide range of client needs.

The company's user-friendly job portal,, is a testament to their commitment to accessibility. It serves as a bridge connecting potential employees with promising opportunities.

To experience their exceptional services, visit their office in Al Mutsannid Suburb, Sharjah, or call them at +971 56 984 2508. Step into the world of Al KHADIM LLC, where quality services and customer satisfaction are paramount.


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