Al Jazeerah Drinking Water Purification & Supply


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Al Jazeerah Drinking Water Purification & Supply, a leading name among water companies in Ajman, is your trusted partner for pure hydration. Located in the bustling Industrial Area 2, they are renowned for their exceptional service and quality.

As a prominent bottled water supplier, Al Jazeerah quenches the thirst of Ajman with unrivaled excellence. They offer a refreshing blend of purity and taste that leaves you revitalized.

Not just a mineral water company, Al Jazeerah ensures every drop you drink is filtered to perfection. Their advanced purification process aligns with global standards, turning simple H2O into a healthful elixir.

Navigating their website, it's clear they prioritize customer satisfaction. Reachable at +971 6 731 7070, their team is always ready to address your hydration needs.

Situated in Ajman's Industrial Area 2, Al Jazeerah is easily accessible. Their location, pinpointed at 25.3718753,55.4756628, makes them a beacon for those seeking high-quality drinking water.

In conclusion, Al Jazeerah Drinking Water Purification & Supply stands as an emblem of purity in Ajman. Whether you need bottled water or water purification services, they are your go-to solution.


Industrial Area Industrial Area 2 - Ajman

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