Al Hilal Engineering Consultants Dubai


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Al Hilal Engineering Consultants Dubai, a leading name in the realm of interior design jobs in Dubai, offers an array of opportunities for aspiring and experienced professionals. As a multidisciplinary firm, we specialize in Interior Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Consultancy, Mechanical Engineering, and Urban Planning.

Our office, nestled in the bustling hub of Trade Centre, Dubai, is a beacon of creativity and innovation. We are conveniently located at Suite 1804, Office Tower, The H Hotel، Sheikh Zayed Road, making us easily accessible for clients and employees alike.

With our focus on creating inspiring spaces, we are always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you have a knack for transforming interiors into captivating experiences, Al Hilal might just be your next stop. Visit our website at to explore the exciting opportunities we offer.

As pioneers in the industry, we understand the importance of diversity in thought and skill. Our team comprises individuals with varied expertise, contributing to a dynamic work environment. At Al Hilal, every project is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

For queries or further information, feel free to contact us at +971 4 320 0025. Experience the world of design with Al Hilal Engineering Consultants Dubai, where dreams meet design.


Suite 1804, Office Tower, The H Hotel، Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai - Dubai

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