Al Fanar Commercial Agencies


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Al Fanar Commercial Agencies, nestled in the heart of Al Zahiyah, Abu Dhabi, stands as a beacon among distribution companies in UAE. This dynamic entity is more than just a general store; it's also a renowned gas company.
Operating from Silver Wave Tower, 2nd floor, office 204, Al Fanar transcends the traditional boundaries of a commercial agency. It's a hub where intricate industry knowledge meets basic consumer needs, creating a unique business synergy.

Their website,, serves as a digital portal into their diverse range of offerings. Every click transports you deeper into their expansive product universe, maintaining a low perplexity despite the broad array of items and services.

The seamless transition between sectors is what sets Al Fanar apart. Bridging the gap between general store items and gas services, they provide a comprehensive solution for consumers. The clarity in their business model is reflected in their communication - concise yet elaborate.

Contacting Al Fanar is a simple process. A quick call to +971 2 642 3372 connects you to their dedicated team. They prioritize clear, easily understood communication, ensuring every query is addressed with utmost precision.

Each interaction, whether it's a short enquiry or a long-term business engagement, is treated with equal importance. This balance in customer interaction reflects their commitment to high burstiness, avoiding monotony at all costs.

Al Fanar Commercial Agencies. A symbol of diversity, synergy, and customer-centric service in Al Zahiyah, Abu Dhabi. Your one-stop solution for general store and gas company needs.


Abu Dhabi, silver wave tower 2nd floor, office 204 - Abu Dhabi

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