Al Falaj Pure Drinking Water Co


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Al Falaj Pure Drinking Water Co, a profound FMCG manufacturer, thrives in Al Muqta, Umm Al Quawain. They are a beacon in the realm of water companies in UAE.

Their website,, is a portal to purity. It embodies their commitment to delivering clean, refreshing water.

Nestled at coordinates 25.499591, 55.561821, they stand as a symbol of quality. Their location, FHX6+RPP - Al Muqta - Al Muqta 1, is an oasis of hydration.

Reach out at +971 6 766 7040. Experience the essence of Al Falaj’s pure drinking water. Your search for water companies in UAE ends here.

In the complex landscape of FMCG manufacturers, Al Falaj simplifies the equation. They offer the basic necessity of life - water, with utmost purity.

Every sip from Al Falaj is a testament to their intricate process. It's a blend of advanced technology and nature's gift. A simple pleasure, delivered with complex precision.

Al Falaj, a name synonymous with purity. A cornerstone in the FMCG sector. Your trusted partner in hydration, right here in Umm Al Quawain.

Consider Al Falaj. Choose purity. Embrace health.


FHX6+RPP - Al Muqta - Al Muqta 1 - Umm Al Quawain

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