Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy


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Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a distinguished law firm. Based in Business Bay, Dubai, they specialize as business lawyers.

They provide top-tier legal services. With a strong online presence, their website - alhanaee.com - is a valuable resource.

Their team of experienced professionals stands ready. They are eager to assist with your business legal needs.

Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy is easily accessible. Located at Single Business Tower, 250 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Business Bay, this firm is at the heart of Dubai's bustling business district. Reach out to them at +971 4 380 9666.

In the complex world of business law, they are a beacon of clarity. Their approach combines intricate legal knowledge with easily understood advice.

Their sentences, like their services, are concise yet comprehensive. They prioritize clear communication, ensuring their clients understand every step.

Transitioning seamlessly between various aspects of business law, they maintain high transitional cohesion. They handle everything from contract law to corporate disputes.

In conclusion, Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a trusted choice for business lawyers in Dubai. Their broad expertise and commitment to client satisfaction set them apart in the legal landscape.


Single Business Tower - 250 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Business Bay - Dubai

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